The Publishing Cooperative

PER ANKH, the house of life, was the ancient Egyptian name for schools and libraries where scribes prepared their hieroglyphic texts. The institution served to keep alive the memory of society, the accumulated knowledge of generations of scholars. From that store of information, creative artists and scientists were free to select the best values as they worked to improve the present and to construct the future.

PER ANKH today aims at the same ancestral ideal. It is a cooperative research and publishing institution that seeks to project unifying values developed over the millennial history of the African people, to incorporate them in well-made works of art and scholarship, and to disseminate them over the continent and throughout the world.

PER ANKH is situated in the quiet seaside village of Popenguine, an hour’s drive from the capital city of Dakar, Senegal.
Per Ankh building

Membership of PER ANKH, conferred by cooptation by existing members, is open, with no exclusion on the basis of gender, age or origin, to persons committed to the purpose of the cooperative, and ready to invest personal resources—time, skill, energy, money—in the work required to achieve it. Click here for the membership roster.


Activities of the PER ANKH cooperative are financed through members’ contributions and proceeds from book sales. Individual members opting to finance a book adopted for publication by the cooperative are entitled to 30% of income from book sales until full payment of their specific investment plus a 10% bonus.

Book sales

Owing to restraints imposed by the Senegalese postal service (abolition of inexpensive surface book rates, imposition of exorbitant airmail rates for book shipments), PER ANKH cannot ship books to purchasers from the Popenguine office. Books published by PER ANKH are obtainable from